“Every inch of you is naturally beautiful”

DR Naturel
The story

Somehow my natural hair journey is linked to my strong desire to learn about my true origin, my natural self.

I remember, as a little girl begging my parents to relax my hair. Certainly, I was pretty happy with the results.
However, after years of applying chemicals too frequently on my hair, it had gotten thinner and shorter. In 2013, I decided to break the wheel and thrive for endless growth. There was some type of vibrant curiosity within my soul, an aversion towards my roots.
In fact, I wanted to know more about my past. Therefore, I started researching into history.
Truly as a Haitian all I knew was that my ancestors were brought to our land in slave ships. We have been forced to fit into a society that makes us ashamed of ourselves and hide our true identity.
What I have discovered made me reject the standards.
Indeed I found out about my glorious past in the Bible. I discovered my real roots. At this point, tired of all the lies, I realized that the only way to get off the creamy crack was to cut it off. I decided to cut off all my relaxed ends and to let my roots regrow freely. I became a free minded person. No one could ever force me into believing what hair our skin beauty should look like.
I believe in self love and care. Care and love make us shine and be beautiful. Today, I decided to share it in order to help other women embrace every God-given feature of their body. For every inch is naturally beautiful.



Patience, care, efficiency, honesty.


We work everyday with our clients to help them learn more about their body especially their unique hair and the best ways to take good care of it for maximum growth, health, and strength.


Our vision is for people all over the world value their natural self.

Before and after

How it started…

How it’s growing…

The service

We created a coaching program – SEMINHAIR – to teach people about the variety of hair types and how to properly care for them. We emphasize that efficient haircare is at the center of hair growth and health.

  • Available
    • Shampoo
    • Crème démêlante
    • Crème nourrissante
    • Satin hair cap
  • Coming soon…
    • Castor oil
    • Coconut oil
    • more…